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Pu'er Shengpu, Ancient Trees Stone-pressed Cake

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This beautiful 100g. tea cake is composed of long, narrow and fleshy tea leaves and “fur-covered” full tea buds, stone-pressed in a compact round shape. This 2022 pu'er tea shows great resemblance in character and appearance to more mature teas. When sipping the rich liquor, a velvety texture caresses the palate. The tea fragrance becomes more complex with each new infusion. This tea is one of the finest examples of the tea category to which it belongs. This tea cake is perfect to be appreciated now, or to be stored and aged, waiting to discover how its beauty and complexity may improve over time. (Storage: Avoid heat, light and moisture.)


Quantity: 1g. of tea every 30ml. of water
Rinse: Before starting the infusion, drop the tea leaves in the teapot and cover them with boiling water for a few seconds. Then pour out all the liquid but leave the tea leaves in the teapot. Now add hot water to the teapot to make the first brew. (This method allows the tea leaves to rehydrate and to release a more intense brew.)
Brewing time: Begin with a 10-15 second brew. Increase with each successive brew as needed. 
Water temperature: 100°C or 212°F

Quantity: 1g. of tea every 100ml. of water
Brewing time: 2-3 minutes
Water temperature: 100°C or 212°F

Quantity: 1g. of tea every 100ml. of water
Brewing: Put the tea leaves in room-temperature water and steep for 6-7 hours. Filter the liquor and drink within 24 hours.